14 January 2012

The Androgynous Face

What is it about a face that makes its gender indistinguishable? 

First we have to consider what makes a face particularly feminine or masculine.

Facial qualities that are seen as more feminine might be:
  • generally smaller face with soft features
  • longer eyelashes, arched brows
  • high cheekbones
  • big eyes
  • fuller lips

Facial qualities that are seen as more masculine might be:
  • larger, angular face with hard features
  • square, defined jaw
  • deep-set eyes, larger brows with less shape
  • firmer lips
  • facial hair

Androgynous individuals have a combination of these qualities, or they have qualities that just aren't very defined on one side or the other.


  1. I find it awkward and embarrassing when people - usually young men - stare at me, perhaps curious if I'm a girl or a boy. I find it upsetting when I enter the men's room, and some guys say it's the men's room. Or guys who are just about to enter the room double-check the sign on the door as they see me coming out. I'm more upset than embarrassed when salespeople refer to me as ma'am or she, even if I lower my voice. My ears flap and feel hot each time I get introduced to a bunch of people, and one of the first things they do is look at my upper body (chest to below the belt area) perhaps wondering if I am a guy, and the men's eyes are glued to me (admiring look). I find it funny whenever someone I know tells me a guy she knows is interested in me, thinking I'm a girl. Ah, I haven't really embraced my androgynous appearance as of yet. And I'm not sure if I can.

  2. iam androgenous and also trans female i get looked at if dressed in either gender roles