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meanwhile, check out androgynous female model freja beha erichsen behind the scenes of her shoot with TWIN magazine 2009.

What does it mean to call oneself an Androgynous? simply states:
-neither clearly masculine nor clearly feminine in appearance

Of course it's more complex than that, otherwise this blog would only have a singular post and there would be nothing more to say.

Let's break it down. The prefix "andro-" means male, or man, as in 'androsterone', a hormone produced in the male testes. And the suffix "-gyne" refers to the female reproductive organs, as in 'gynecology'. 
I'm sure this brings up many more questions.

Isn't that just a different way of saying you're a hermaphrodite?
Does it simply describe a person's sexuality?
Is it a counter-culture?
Can someone naturally just be androgynous?
Do you choose to be androgynous?
Is it simply a fashion statement?

I'd like to answer some or all of those questions from my own perspective with a few facts and testimonials to back me up throughout the development of this blog, and I will no doubt share that with you. However, in my opinion, in regards to the androgynous evolution, it's more undefined now than ever. Nothing is ever certain. If you believe that it is, ask yourself that in another 5 years. The grey area is slowly becoming dominant in our culture. And that's what makes androgyny what it is.

This unisex appearance (and more), and its effect on our society challenges the idea that we need to label ourselves in any way, whether it's our gender or anything else. be continued.

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  1. I've bookmarked this website, I really hope it continues to develop because I really would like to see as many androgynous people around and about as transgenders and transsexuals. I'm also working my way to androgyny as well :D Keep it up! I love what I see so far!